Sunday, July 8, 2012

DIY Party: How to Make a Newspaper-made Gift Bag

How to Make a Newspaper-made Gift Bag

What to Prepare: wire ribbon, glue, scissors, white paper lace pattern (round dishes lined), and newspaper.

Step 1: Cut the newspapers into sheets and then fold the edges rectangular notice in the middle as shown.

Step 2: Use fixed adhesive paper to overlap the edges.

Step 3: Fold a 5cm top to bottom of bag.

Step 4: The second you fold the short edge and then continue to paste the long edge is more than 2 seed in the bottom to form pocket!

Step 5: Wait for the glue dry, open hand pockets bulging.

Step 6: Now put gifts (candy, cookies, etc) inside gift bags!

Step 7: Fold the remaining 2 cm at the edge forming part of the bag down.

Step 8: Doubling the plate and lined paper bag taped over.

Step 9: Finally, you punch for ribbon threaded through and tied bow is finished.
a Newspaper-made Gift Bag

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